There are still some problems with the new design, I´ll fix them as soon as possible!

Great News

Again a new design... But I have a good reason for changing it! I will soon open my own little home-studio (yes, it´s true - it´s not a dream!) and needed a website for my studio, so I decided to adapt the design to my studio-website.

As soon as my website is finished I´ll tell you the link.


I also created a facebook page "Julia Wahl - emotioncatcher" as some people asked me for it and it might be useful. Feel free to add me! I´ll inform you there about new tutorials, post my progress and for my students also information about classes. If you have questions on a move or something else pole related you can contact me there.

First Competition

I´ll take part in the preselection for Miss Pole Dance Germany 2013 in June. I´m very excited, because this will be my first competition and performance in front of a crowd!